The Early Sub: Tottenham Pull Chelsea back to Earth

After the terrific performance put on by Tottenham over Chelsea today, Tottenham was able to pull Chelsea back within striking distance of 2nd place Liverpool and for the rest of the league. Tottenham pull up to 3rd as they jump over both bitter rivals Arsenal and Manchester City. Mauricio Pochettino’s side were carried by the midfield brilliance that was showcased by Dynamic Dane Christian Eriksen and the finishing and wonderful positioning of young Dele Alli who has been terrific the last few games for Tottenham who hasn’t tasted defeat since the 1-0 loss to Manchester United on December 11th in Old Trafford.

As for Chelsea, it is their first time losing since October 26th when they lost to West Ham in the league cup and it’s their first time losing in the league since September 24th when they lost to Arsenal at the Emirates 3-0. For once, Conte’s defense looked vulnerable and Christian Eriksen discovered the key to unlocking the defense multiple times, including a dangerous run and shot that wasn’t far from giving Tottenham their first goal. Two brilliant cross ins that landed directly on the awaiting head of Dele Alli and Tottenham took care of the leaders of England today. Tottenham’s next target will be jumping over Liverpool as they sit two points out of the trailing Reds and seven points out of Conte’s Blues who’ll surely have to overcome this setback and prepare for their tough away fixture to the KP as the defending champion Foxes await. Tottenham’s next focus besides of course the upcoming FA cup fixture will be a matchup against the Baggies of West Brom who’ll make the trip to North London.

The Takeaway: People are very aware of the power that Tottenham possess. Nobody can deny that they truly have it all in North London, the question is if they have enough. They had their opportunity last year to shatter the Leicester fairy tale and replace with their own tale of an unexpected title (which would be Tottenham’s first since 1961). This is another opportunity, except this is a mission to topple a club that is familiar with hoisting the Premier League trophy, not to mention beating out the heavy metal playing Liverpool, the cerebral Manchester City, the attacking Gunners and the lurking Manchester United. This will be an ever taller task for Tottenham then 2015-2016 but Tottenham have pieces to throw their name into the title shuffle. I don’t believe Tottenham have what it takes to win the Premier League. In fact the only team that I believe Tottenham will beat in that list of clubs I gave will be United, but Tottenham are surely a lethal hunting pack of lions who will stun and stagger any title challenge that will arise this year in the Premier League.


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