Real’s European Super League Dream. Could It Happen?

No. At least not now. There is way too much opposition to the idea of a European Super League due to the fact that a continental league would diminish the importance of domestic leagues and cups. Domestic leagues and cups are already looked at as the second largest goal a club could accomplish with the Champions League being the ultimate competition of Europe. There is far too much pride in domestic European leagues like the Premier League and Serie A to allow a continental league to form. In many ways, a continental league would benefit teams as well. It would be the ultimate proving grounds for sides that are considered unproven such as PSG and Benfica. Head to head matchups over the course of a season would truly reveal the best in Europe, which is what fans all over the world crave to know. So what would a European Super League look like? And how would it affect football around the world. I’ve researched and gathered a model for what a hypothetical European Super League would look like.

Where Did This Idea Come From?

It’s been an idea tossed around the past couple years by the biggest clubs in the world such as Real Madrid and Manchester United. The idea hasn’t received much support and has been received negatively by a majority of fans based on the argument that a European Super League would diminish the importance of domestic leagues and may potentially have some of the biggest clubs on the planet secede from their respective leagues. Domestic leagues would have a crisis if teams such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Manchester United stopped participating in their leagues. Real Madrid has proposed the idea recently as a result of the postponement of their league match against Celta Vigo. Madrid became furious with Vigo after they declared the stadium unsafe due to inclement weather. The Vigo mayor has came out and stated that many lives could have been put in danger as a result of the playing of the match, but Madrid has opposed these claims. Real were even able to participate in a scrimmage in Vigo after the game was called off to stay match fit. Real Madrid are now planning on bringing a Super League back to the discussion table.

How Many Teams Would Be In?

I mean, we’re talking about a league aren’t we? It’s a league, like the Premier League or La Liga, it has to be like 20 teams. Everyone must play each other twice, making that 38 games. 20 can be negotiated however, with maybe that number dropping to 15 or to even 10. The only issue is the lower the number, the more teams you leave out and the more nations you leave out. But the lower the teams, the less stress on players who have to also balance out league, cup and international play while also participating in this competition.

Who Gets In?

Depending on what kind of competition the clubs would want. Do you want representation? Only league winners and cup winners get invited and perhaps FIFA could vote in “at large” teams who would get in as a result of their play and due to teams achieving domestic doubles leaving spots for teams who couldn’t win any hardware. Would you want a league with the best of the best? This would mean mostly teams from the Top 5 leagues would be in. I prefer this way, but then again I’m a college football fan who craves for the best to play the best and that usually means the same old traditional teams playing each other and that’s what I love. That’s what I love to watch. I don’t care much about Real Madrid taking on Osasuna. I would much rather see Real Madrid play Bayern Munich year after year. It’s exciting and it would bring together the world’s best even farther. Just as I don’t care for Alabama playing Chattanooga, I crave to see Alabama play Clemson instead. I would still desire for a good balance of representation and talent though. I would still want the super sides of France and Portugal to be represented along with a Shakhtar or an Ajax being thrown in the mix as well. League dominance along with track records on academies and producing some of the world’s best could get you an invitation to play in the league as well. In my model, I plugged in the teams that I would want to be in this hypothetical leagues and spread some representation to 7 different leagues with 20 spots being available with the Premier League being the most represented. 7 leagues would be a decent sharing of representation in this league with the best playing the best week after week. The leagues  I would invite to this Super League right now would be La Liga of Spain, the Bundesliga of Germany, Serie A of Italy, the Premier League of England, Ligue 1 of France, Liga NOS of Portugal and another team that could be plugged in there like an Ajax or PSV for the Eredivisie. Tell me down in the comments below which leagues you would invite, how many teams would be in and who!?

The Playoffs

Oh yes. I’m an American and Americans love PLAYOFFS. We crave an ultimate proving ground where we gear up the scenarios ten fold, boost up the environment and make home field advantage really count. Europeans have seen it in the Champions League knockout rounds with their extraordinary tifos and Major League Soccer sure becomes a zoo when playoff season comes around. Soccer and playoffs have been a marriage made in heaven, but one that has been dodged for too long. The lack of a playoffs that exist in most domestic leagues in Europe must not affect the hypothetical European Super League. Of course a playoffs would only add to the stress that’s put on a player’s body throughout the season especially towards the beginning of summer when it’s hot and cramps are abound. Perhaps in the 20 team league, the top 4 advance to a playoff. The FIFA committee can decide whether the playoffs should be 2 legged or just a one game winner takes all match. They’ll also have to decide whether a host city should have the semifinals or if the semis should be played at a team’s host stadium. I’m always up for home field advantage but leveling the playing field at a prepped city ready to host the 4 biggest clubs on the planet doesn’t sound like a bad idea either.

A Few Rule Changes

I’m really concerned about the stress these additional games would add to the players so a few rule changes should be made for the competition. Only this European Super League would take on these rule changes, these rule changes would not affect any domestic competition. An additional sub should be added to the bench for each sides which would allow for 8 subs on the bench for every side for every game. Also for each match, an injury substitution would not take up the first of 3 subs for every side. Only one injury substitution would be able to be made a game.

What About The Champions League? The Europa League?

Would this replace the Champions League? I wouldn’t say replace, maybe this could become the new Champions League. All the sponsorships and committees and everything can stay, just the format could be changed and of course this could downsize the competition significantly which is both a good thing and a bad thing. The minnows get weeded out and the biggest stars come to shine. The Europa League could stay the way it is or it could dance in concert with the Champions League, making a separate 20 team league. What would that look like? Surely, that’s a discussion for another time. What should be done with the Champions League and the Europa League if a European Super League came to fruition? Comment below.

Closing Thoughts

I for one, am someone who is not in favor of a European Super League. At least not yet. I would much rather see a system in front of me that I can fully get behind before I launch my support for a Super League, but as of right now, there’s nothing that can be proposed that would continue forward on this correctly. A system that keeps the safety of the world’s stars while also keeping the importance of the domestic competitions. A system that could bring the world’s best, at their best for the biggest competition in club competition, while still having them play at 100 percent in domestic competitions is all that I, and soccer fans around the world crave. A Super League could be the best thing that’s ever happened to soccer, but it could also destroy it.


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