The Early Sub: Cornered Kun. The End Of A Marriage. City and Aguero’s Fallout

We’ve all heard the legendary highlight of Mario Balotelli’s sliding desperate pass in the box that was picked up by City’s new shiny striker imported from the capital of Spain just 10 months before. A 23 year old Kun Aguero stuck to the lose ball and unleashed a howitzer with his right foot that bulged into the left hand side of the net. Martin Tyler goes berserk in the press box and Manchester City takes home their first title in 44 years and their first in the Premier League era. Sergio Aguero would go on to score the most goals ever in City’s sky blue kit. City would win another title a couple years later and would make it as far as the semifinals of the Champions League as of now. Six years now after he signed from Atletico Madrid, Kun Aguero is at a crossroads with the club. A new era in the club has arrived with a new manager who has a vision for the club. A vision that doesn’t include Kun Aguero.

Manchester City v Leicester City - Premier League

Aguero’s Downfall

How does a man with all the accolades that were mentioned up above and someone who is considered one of the best strikers on the planet, begin to get pushed out of a club? It really all begins when someone begins to gain a long track record of injuries such as the one that Aguero has amassed. It may seem that new manager Pep Guardiola doesn’t want to continue to have to deal with Aguero’s injuries that come often. In addition, Kun Aguero has failed to translate his lethal play in the Premier League to European competition. Guardiola wants Manchester City to soar to the epic ceiling that the blue side of Manchester craves. A semifinal appearance last year that was halted by eventual champions Real Madrid was the farthest City has ever gotten in the competition. City’s attack was toothless against Los Blancos and it was Aguero who was leading the line. Manchester City has lost their faith in their once beloved hit man. Guardiola desires for a number 9 who gets more involved in the attack then just putting the ball in the net. He craves for a number 9 who can drop deep and be the initial man to lead an attack. One to press and cause for turnovers in the midfield. A number 9 who can maintain possession with the rest of the team and Aguero just isn’t one of those strikers. Does that mean Aguero is now a shadow of the once lethal player that he once was? No way, far from it actually. Personally I believe that Manchester City would be making a mistake by letting Aguero walk. He’s a man who could instantly bolster any side including Real Madrid. He’d freeze Benzema out of the side and would start over Morata for Los Galacticos. Aguero is a true talent and its wrong for City to just let him go but its hard to argue with their logic with Gabriel Jesus already blossoming into a lethal striker.


What Next For Aguero?

A lethal hit man looking for work? He won’t be unemployed for long. But where to next? Which direction is the right move? Aguero’s skillset could be taken anywhere in the world and I am confident that he could succeed wherever he goes. He has multiple suitors already and any club would benefit from adding him. The destinations that Kun should consider should be: Real Madrid, Chelsea, Atletico Madrid, PSG, Manchester City, China, or Independiente and I’ll tell you why.


Real Madrid

Would I agree to a Real Madrid move? I think a move to Madrid would be bad for Madrid but not for Aguero. If Madrid bought Aguero, Benzema would be immediately booted off the club and Morata would have to play second fiddle to a new number 9. It wouldn’t be the right move for Madrid, Alvaro Morata should be the man who leads the Madrid trident in the future, his ceiling is extravagantly high and Aguero would stunt his growth. Morata is the next Raul and Madrid shouldn’t delay the next great goal scorer. But Aguero would be a step up from Benzema and he’d play better then Morata next year so he would be an excellent short term addition.

Chelsea v Manchester City - FA Cup Semi Final


This is for the petty. A move to West London would be a knife in the back to City fans but eye for an eye amirite? Aguero has won 2 Premier League titles for the blue side of Manchester and now he’s being abruptly kicked out. If he wanted to be petty to his former side he could take a move to Chelsea. At Chelsea he would be the replacement for Diego Costa who’s looking to move out of London for “greener pastures.” Costa and Aguero share many of the same traits as footballers and frankly I’d love to keep Kun in the Premier League.


Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo has recently bashed Sergio Aguero for the way he left Los Rojiblancos stating “he came a hero, and left through the back door.” The relationship between Kun and Cerezo may be strained, but when Kun is out of work and Real choose not to go after the Argentine, he’ll be looking to any big club offering a chunk of change. And when Antoine Griezmann leaves for Manchester in the summer, a man like Aguero will look really shiny to Cerezo. A reunion could be in place.



This is pretty much out of left field but a move to the French capital would make a lot of sense. With Edinson Cavani forever growing restless in Paris, Aguero could be the new front man for the French side. He would link up with compatriot Angel Di Maria and Paris become that much more dangerous in France and in Europe. PSG will always have the funds as well to purchase the services of someone like Kun Aguero.


Manchester City

That’s right. A return back to where he’s trying to leave in the first place. I only say City because Aguero could always stay and choose to fight for his spot on the team. Guardiola may be set on having Gabriel Jesus lead the line for City but if Aguero could adjust to Guardiola’s philosophy and do it better then the young Brazilian, then he could have a place with the club for another couple of years.



Of course there’s the ace in the hole that always comes knocking for what seems like every single superstar in Europe. China has been purchasing any player at their whim by throwing an unlimited amount of dollars at footballers. With rumors of Aguero’s potential departure from Manchester, China will surely come calling for one of the best players on the planet. When one is unhappy, money is an easy way to make everything feel better and boy do China have the money. Of course taking the money will essentially put an end to Aguero’s career for surely no one will follow what he’s doing in the Far East.



Just like China this would put an end to Kun’s career. He wouldn’t be paid as much but he’d be back home and adored. He’d have a hero’s welcome and will be known as one of the best Argentine strikers to hit Europe and one of the best Premier League strikers of his generation. If he stays fit and keeps up his form, he could receive call ups to the national team for a few more years but this would be the storybook ending to a career that most athletes would want. A hero’s homecoming at the end of the day. The question is, does Aguero want to call it a day?


Where’s He Going?

I think he’s going to Paris honestly. The thought of Angel Di Maria feeding him all day sounds sweet plus he’s got Javier Pastore there as well. Argentine’s have run amok through the French side and PSG would love to enlist Sergio Aguero next. Aguero wants to play in the Champions League and PSG is a lock every year for the Champions League. With a strong Paris side and with him playing in a less demanding league, he could achieve the Champions League dream that he so craves and the one Paris craves as well.



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