The Early Sub: Real v. Barca. Good Old Fashioned Fight For the Title

It seems fitting that the date for the next edition of El Clasico gets announced after this weekend’s slate of games. With Real and Barcelona dispatching Athletic and Valencia respectfully over the weekend, its apparent that other clubs such as Sevilla and Atletico will not have something to say when it comes to the title. It’s a classic La Liga title race, the two supergiants of Spain going toe to toe and April 23rd may be the deciding date for the title. Like a mixed martial arts championship fight, that Super Sunday will be the ultimatum, the climax, the title decider for La Liga.

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. Who Comes Out on Top?

It’s becoming very obvious who the contenders for La Liga is this season, and it’s the usual suspects. Real and Barcelona are left alone at the top to contend for Spain’s coveted crown. Just two months ago, many were already calling for the coronation of Real Madrid to just be done and over with because it seemed like a foregone conclusion. But after Real’s stumble at the beginning of the year, Barcelona have been able to steadily climb back into the picture, despite having their lows as well. Barcelona sit two points below Real while Real have a game in hand over their Catalan rivals. Real still have the advantage and it’s their league to lose considering their game in hand but Barcelona will more then likely be biting at the heels all the way until season’s end. Any slip up in points for Real and Barcelona would have the opportunity to pounce and it’s imperative that they pounce. Barcelona can’t slip, because Lord knows that Real won’t. Barcelona has suffered their final slip after their Deportivo loss and will have to go blow for blow with Real while also hoping for a slip from Los Blancos against the likes of Atletico or Sevilla. Los Blancos have consistently been one of the top sides in Europe and that 40 game unbeaten streak doesn’t lie. This season is something special for Los Galacticos and they’ll put an end to Barca’s recent Spanish dominance.

What of Atletico and Sevilla?

These two sides are surely out of the title race with Real Madrid at their pace. Sevilla haven’t won a game in La Liga in their last 3 including a loss this past weekend to Atleti. The defecits that these two face is simply too great to match even Barcelona’s pace, let alone Real’s. So what is to become of Atleti and Sevilla for this season? Sevilla still has matchups with each Spanish rival this season which will give them direct involvement between the two eternal rivals’ great race. Atleti have gone their two rounds with Barcelona but still have a Madrid derby left to play out as they look to gain glory over their much more successful neighbors. Both clubs still have an opportunity to greatly influence the title race and I think Atletico Madrid have a good chance at grinding out a win or draw with one or both of Spain’s top sides.


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