The Early Sub: The Title Race Is (Almost) Over, Tottenham the Final Hurdle

At this point, it’s inevitable that the Blues of West London will once again lift the Premier League trophy at the end of the season, but it still seems just a bit too early to crown them champions. Especially when it’s Tottenham who’s chasing. Chelsea continues to dominate the Prem and absolutely refuse to let anyone into the chase for the throne but Tottenham look terrific as well and are unstoppable at home. Is the title race really over in England? Not by a long shot says Spurs. Arsenal continues their horrific drop down the Premier Table after looking pathetic against West Brom at the Hawthorns. Manchester United finally climb out of 6th into 5th and Manchester City and Liverpool play out a fast paced, highly entertaining 1-1 draw that was filled with less then desirable finishing from both sets of attackers. Romelu Lukaku was on the money however, for Everton, as his brace humiliates Hull and makes him the first to 20 goals in the Premier League. This is what I learned from this weekend’s slate of games.

Tottenham: Chelsea’s Final Hurdle as City and Liverpool Officially Drop Out of Race

Chelsea have made themselves at home at the top of the Premier League and have made it nearly impossible to keep up. The Blues refuse to budge on any opponent that they come across. It’s the attitude that this Chelsea team carry with themselves, the expectation to win and to win convincingly. Take Chelsea’s dominant performance over United last week in the FA Cup as an example. You could see which of the two sides were prepared, it was Chelsea who was asking all the questions just like they have every game this year. Another win over Stoke for Chelsea creeps them closer to the Promised Land but it’s not all said and done just yet. It is all said and done however for Manchester City and Liverpool who played out a 1-1 draw in a game filled with chances but not a lot of converting. Plenty of missed chances were to go around at the Etihad Sunday including an absolute sitter for Adam Lallana that would’ve been the winner. The draw in Manchester put City and Liverpool, 12 and 13 points respectively behind Chelsea. At this point in the season, and with the way Chelsea are playing, it’s all over for those two. That only leaves Tottenham Hotspur to challenge for the title. They gave Chelsea one of their 3 losses and Chelsea has returned the exact same favor to Tottenham. Tottenham look fantastic and are a couple bad run of games away from catching up to Chelsea and challenging for England’s title. In all honesty, it’s Chelsea’s title to lose though.

United Will Make the Champions League

Unfortunately at Liverpool’s expense. Liverpool will fall out of the top four before the season is over and United will be there to assume that 4th and final Champions League spot. United may not have the wins to put them near the top but they’ve only been beaten 3 times in the league this season which is the same amount as Chelsea and Tottenham. It’s not the best United that we’ve ever seen but Mourinho has shaped this squad up in a tough season full of contenders in the Premier League. The ten draws is United’s downfall and it’s what kept them from competing for a title this season but it proves that Mourinho’s squad is very difficult to top and that’s what gives United a bright future. Jose Mourninho was the perfect hire for the job and he is instituting the Great Expectations culture that Sir Alex Ferguson brought to the club. And although Klopp’s metal playing, pressing, high tempo side deserves a spot in Europe’s greatest competition but in the end, it will be United’s discipline and organization that will get them to the Champions League.

Arsenal Are Abysmal, No Point in Keeping Wenger

What does Arsenal plan to accomplish by handing Wenger another year in charge of this club? They have greatly regressed from title challenging runner ups of last season to nosediving out of every competition they’ve featured in and are currently on pace to miss out on the Champions League. With no Champions League football, and the club’s players, fans, and front office losing faith in the manager by the fixture, why would they keep them another year? Not to mention the incoming exodus from Alexis, Ozil, Ox, Cech and Bellerin. This club needs a change and it needs to start now. Or at least in the summer. I doubt Arsenal will be able to bag a catch like a Max Allegri but maybe someone like a Tuchel could be more manageable. Wenger is passed his time and every other big club in England have underwent managerial overhauls and now it’s Arsenal’s turn.



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