The Early Sub: Who Should Chelsea Sign? Dream, Realistic, Wildcard.

After a superb 1st season in the Premier League that ended with a title. Antonio Conte was able to earn his first title on his first try and delivering the Blues their 2nd title in 3 years. Not discrediting their terrific season, but something still seems missing after falling to Arsenal in the FA Cup Final and failing to secure a double. Not to mention the thirst that all of the Premier League will be suffering, looking to rip that title away. So who should the Blues of West London sign this summer to bolster Antonio Conte’s men? Who could improve a team capable of winning the Premier League? The Early Sub tells you who Chelsea should sign in a Squawka style: Dream, Realistic, Wildcard option list for Chelsea to sign this summer transfer window.

Alexis-Sanchez-632532 (2).jpg

Dream Signing: Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal)

Am I the only one that thinks a move from Arsenal to Chelsea would be absolutely insane? Expressing desire to move to a direct rival in order to win the title? Playing in the same city but wearing different colors and teaming up with Eden Hazard. He’s talismanic and those powers give him the right to say whatever he wants, even if he’s treasonous. Arsenal need him, plead with him to stay, knowing that without him, the Champions League would be nothing but a dream. Cesc Fabregas part two. The scariest thing is, this deal is very real and could very well happen, but a new scene is needed for the Chilean. Even if he showed desire to stay in London, the opportunity to play for a top club like Bayern Munich is quite the opportunity. Not to mention playing under a coach like Carlo Ancelotti is too much to pass up. Arturo Vidal continues to whisper in his ear like his consciousness and I don’t doubt that Alexis succumbs to the temptations after the Confederations Cup. Prediction: Alexis leaves for Bayern


Realistic Signing: Andrea Belotti (Torino)

This feels like the most Juventus move that Conte would pull if he was still in charge of the Old Lady. Andrea Belotti is a 23 year old predator in the box, that’s a finisher with both his feet and his head. 26 goals and 7 assists in 35 appearances up top for a club that relies on his brilliance for goals. He more then doubled his goal tally from 2016 and almost doubled his assist totals. His ultimate weapon is his work rate, the tireless pressing that forces mistakes from back lines playing with the ball. At 23 years old, the Italian could be the striker of the future for Antonio Conte as opposed to Batshuayi. Belotti could take control of the Chelsea back line next season if Costa was to bolt for China as well. The release clause seems like the biggest issue for clubs trying to sign the Italian starlet but the pull of Champions League football and playing for a club capable of winning championships will be too much for Belotti to pass up on. He’s more of what Conte is looking for, and he’s the one that’ll join Conte on his Italian revolution of the Premier League. Prediction: Belotti signs for Chelsea

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Wildcard Signing: Alex Sandro (Juventus)

It’d be tough to talk Alex Sandro out of a near treble winning side who’s only missing piece was the Champions League. But look at what Conte was able to make out of Marcos Alonso, just imagine what Sandro could do under a 3-4-3 perfectionist. Sandro is a master playing as a left wingback with the Italian champions and would perfectly plug into the lineup. Not to mention that Juventus have seemed to have reached their ceiling, winning the double and just falling short of the Champions League, but Chelsea are still growing under Conte. Achieving a Premier League title and nearly securing the FA Cup as well it his first try. Alex Sandro may want a piece of that growing team while relishing at the chance to play in the Premier League with compatriots David Luiz and Willian. It would certainly be a shocker and huge loss for Juventus, who’s main strength stems  from the wings. But some rumors have been floating around about Conte’s interest and Sandro may be interested after falling short in the Champions League. Chelsea surely have the wallet to secure the signing of quite possibly the world’s finest left back as well. Prediction: Sandro stays with Juventus

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