The Early Sub: Dream, Realistic, Wildcard Destinations For, Kylian Mbappe

Currently the hottest property on planet Earth. 18 Year Old Frenchman Kylian Mbappe is the most sought after soccer player of all time and has every top club calling his name. With reported bids topping 120m Euros, Mbappe could potentially be the most expensive soccer player ever. The young striker has the skill to succeed anywhere on planet Earth, and managers salivate at the thought of developing the world’s next Thierry Henry, but what’s the best spot for him? With so many super managers at the peak of their powers at top clubs, what’s the best direction for young Mbappe to take? Already a Champions League Semifinalist and Ligue 1 champion, Mbappe has the choice to stay in France, or to depart for “greener pastures,” these are Mbappe’s: dream, realistic, and wildcard destinations to mull over throughout the summer…


Dream Destination: Real Madrid

The team reportedly on the fast track for his signature, Real Madrid has offered upwards to 120m Euros for the Frenchman and had their incredible bid rejected. I’m sure it was incredibly tough to reject an offer like that from the back to back European champions, but with just a small suggestion from the youngster to Monaco’s board, in favor of Madrid, and who knows. Maybe 120m is just what Monaco are looking for, and if Mbappe expressed his desire to leave for the Spanish capital, Monaco wouldn’t reject Madrid’s offer again. And Mbappe would be packing his bags to continue his apprenticeship under Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal, and with Morata being shown the door once again, Mbappe would become the heir to Benzema’s striker role. That would mean that Mbappe may have to be shown the bench on more then one occasion, unless Benzema shows a sign of declining. Mbappe may not be too keen on watching games instead of playing in them. Benzema surely won’t be the main striker for Madrid after the 2018 World Cup, so Mbappe’s chance could come as early as then, only seeing one season on the bench. But again, would Mbappe want to see the bench at Madrid and miss out on a roster spot for the 2018 World Cup for his country? But not sign for Madrid now, and possibly miss out on the chance of playing with idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. Mbappe would surely show the quality to get quite a bit of playing time next season, and may take the mantle from Benzema as early as Halloween. But that’s what everyone said about Alvaro Morata… Is Madrid truly the best place for Mbappe? Sometimes, a dream means a lot more to a player then what’s realistic. And whoever said Madrid isn’t a realistic destination? He’ll start 20-25 La Liga games, and plays every Champions League game AT WORST next season for Madrid if he were to go there this summer.


Realistic Destination: Monaco

That’s right, staying put. The rest of the squad may seem to have a desire to leave Monaco such as: Bakayoko, Silva (already left for Man City), Mendy, Lemar, etc. but a lot of the more experienced pieces are certainly staying. Subasic, Glik, Moutinho, and Falcao all look to continue their journeys, and Mbappe may be looking to stay with this core. Having an experienced, goal scoring partner like Falcao who will soak up plenty of defensive pressure may be best for Mbappe. Not to mention, he’ll play every single game, look to defend a world class, top flight title that he’s managed to already win, and he’ll still play in the Champions League. That’s right. There’s nothing that Real Madrid can offer, that trumps anything Monaco has when it comes to competition. They’re both champions of their respective leagues and will compete for the same, ultimate prestigious trophy in all of Europe. Not to mention, he won’t be facing the wrath of Madrid press and fans, ripping at him for every minute he hasn’t made the net bulge. Just look at Ronaldo. He’s shattered every record and has won every trophy that he can for the club and he still gets frustrated at his own fans whistling at him. Perhaps, staying out of the spotlight and playing his game for one more season before realizing his destiny as a top goal scorer in this game, is just what he needs.


Wild Card Destination: Arsenal

Or running straight into the mouth of the beast is just what the youngster needs. And why not be nurtured by a man who’s done it before, and is the best at creating a shell for his players. Wearing the brunt of fan abuse for the last three years, this could be the final and ultimate project for Arsene Wenger in his career. Lock up Kylian Mbappe, and turn him into Thierry Henry 2.0. Young and raw, goalscoring talent, Wenger can teach him how to become an invincible, a champion. Mbappe joining Arsenal would turn the Premier League upside down and all of England and Europe would be on notice. Sanchez and Ozil would sign contracts, and all of a sudden, this free flowing, attacking, FA Cup winning side would add the second coming of Henry to the side. Supreme creativity from the wings in Sanchez and Ozil would feed Mbappe for days. Wenger and Arsenal would be right back in the Premier League title race and could win the Europa League like Man United did. In Wenger’s 2nd season with Mbappe? They conquer the Premier League and make a run for the Champions League and win it, the way Henry was supposed to with Arsenal. Wenger can turn Mbappe into the killing predator in the box that he could potentially be. Playing in the world’s most competitive and demanding league, with a world class manager that has proven his youth developing at the helm for the youngster. And Mbappe could become unstoppable and achieve everything, the same way Henry did. Arsenal are reportedly planning on bidding a figure over 120m Euros for the Frenchman, ensuring their confidence that this fantasy could very well come true. Could London truly be the place that Mbappe is destined to be at?

giphy (2).gif

Prediction: Stays put at Monaco

Real Madrid and Arsenal can bark at Monaco all they want, but if they’ve already turned down an offer of 120m Euros, then there’s nothing that will make them give up their young jewel. In addition to that, Mbappe has already expressed his desire to stay put for one more season to continue his development and receive regular first team football. It may be the best spot for him as leaving too early could prove to be catastrophic (James Rodriguez). If Mbappe continues his wonderful form and earns himself a spot on France’s squad for World Cup 2018, then surely Real Madrid and Arsenal will comeback again next summer. And who knows, maybe Man United, Man City and PSG will have more to offer to the French club next season.


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